photography projects

Photography projects

Since the start of the year, I've been participating in a 52 rolls project, where the goal is to shoot a roll (or sheet) of film a week. The project was set up by Urban Hafner. It is lots of fun, although I don't always find it easy to shoot every week. Uptil now I've only missed one week. It is great to see what the other participants are doing.

Another project I did a while ago was the Traveling Yashica project by Hamish Gill. He sent a Yashica T5D across the globe, and every participant has to shoot a roll of film within a week of receiving it. I must say I really enjoyed using the camera, but I would never buy one myself. The results and updates of the project can be found here.

Then there's the Around the world in 72 frames project that John Weeds set up. He has sent a camera, loaded with film, around the world, and every participant will shoot four frames. When all frames are exposed, the roll of film is rewound and shot again. This will end in a series of doubles from all over the world. I'm looking forward to receiving the camera and shoot my part!

At the first of July I'll be starting the Next Best Thing Pinhole project, set up by Herschel Pollard. Every three months the participants will make two pinhole shots focused on landscape and culture in their country. I've been thinking for months about locations and situations to shoot. I'm also looking forward to seeing the results from all over the world. 

And last but not least, there's the Great Transatlantic Pinholga Filmswap project that Moni Smith launched yesterday. She will send her Holga 120PC across the world, along with a roll of film she has already shot. The next participant will shoot the roll of film that is already in the camera and have it developed. After that they will shoot a new roll of film, rewind it and put it back into the camera, so the next pinholer can shoot it. 

Apart from that, I still have some filmswap rolls lying around that I have to shoot as well. If you are interested in joining one of these projects, get in touch with the organizers. Interested in doing a filmswap with me? Get in touch! :)